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Space 776 Gallery, New York, NY (here)

Jul 22 - Aug 17, 2022

Curated by Dasha Bazanova

The landscape is a poetic metaphor that I understand widely. It is both a geographical, cultural, and political landscape. It is a modern, constantly changing society, where globalization, migration, and real politics occur. It is full of ambitions, disappointments, and patriarchal attitudes, and this is the world where a woman seeks and positions herself.

In Breach. 2022, one of the most recent artworks I reflect on the ongoing war in Ukraine. I insert myself and the viewer into the painting by adding a mirror element in the middle of the painting.

The protagonist of the character that I create in my paintings is a woman who finds a fulcrum within herself, her body, and her sexuality. I see the body as a direct, physical presence and a source of vitality, desire, and power. Through the body, I feel oneness with nature and the endless flow of the river of life. 

Flow, movement, dance - this is a dynamic balance, an active principle with its own beauty and a unique expression. We are all born into the world as creatures of the flesh, and from bodily perceptions, movements, emotions, and feelings, the meaning of life becomes possible.

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