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City Zero

Yanina Boldyreva lives and works in Novosibirsk. She is dealing with art photo, video-art, painting, mix-media, makes photo- books and many other interesting things. Her interest relates to the notion of subjectivity of human perception, recognition, connection to reality and mysticism, disruptiveness, unknown areas, unconscious, a hidden manifested in the banalities.

Photographer Maxim Loskutov

I have known Yanina for a long time and I cannot see her photography without herself and the circumstances of her life, as well as apart from the Novosibirsk reality, which is so clearly presents in her work. For me, Yanina’s photography is not just professional and poetic, - it talks about something that is painfully familiar to me. In these vague silhouettes, uncertain movements and silent numb landscapes I recognize myself and my home city. The images evoke a sense of helplessness and anxiety, as if there is no certainty that the world exists, that it is not just an illusion or a dream. Everything is fragile and unreliable. But at the same time, the reality of the city is insistently here, as an inevitable given, as a vicious circle from which there is no way to escape, as the city Zero.

From series sheet happens

From series glass

From series immersing

From series broken space

From series groping after

Since 2007 works as the photographer and digital artist

Since 2009 performer of mural painting, producer and participant of the art-group LUDISTEN (wall`s men)

Since 2011 makes art-projects with Ukrainian artist Alexander Isaenko

Since 2014 makes photobooks

Since 2016 works as painter, besides art photography, video and another projects

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