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Cultural Strata of Etty Yaniv

My second visit was to the Etty Yaniv’s studio.

Etty Yanive's artwork is the layering of memories, experiences, and stories embodied in material. Scraps of drawings, photographs, found objects and debris form abstracted landscapes. Significant and insignificant things, personal and universal, appear in Yaniv's works as inseparable parts of a single narrative. It reminded me of archaeological strata in which pottery shards, toothbrushes and fallen leaves coalesce into a holistic cultural layer and became part of human history.

Etty Yaniv was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and currently works on her art and art writing in Brooklyn. She is integrating mediums such as drawing, photography and painting to form immersive environments. Her work has been printed in publications such as The New York Times, Village Voice, Newsday Magazine and The Nation. She exhibited in solo and group shows at galleries and museums nationally and internationally, including The Haifa Museum of Art, Israel, Newark Museum of Art, NJ, Monmouth Museum of Art, NJ andTorrance Art Museum, CA.

Most photos by courtesy of Etty Yaniv


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