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Cyborg. 2019. Resin, foam, metal, wire, LED light, mixed media. 26x14x13" (66x35x33 cm)

Not a Piece of Cake. 2019. Resin, foam, pearls, synthetic hair, mixed media. 20x12x7" (51x30x18 cm)

Alien. 2020. Aluminium flex pipe, resin, foam, pearls, LED light, mixed media. 20x12x7" (51x30x18 cm)

Head. 2019. Resin, silicone, paper, wire, foam, synthetic hair, mixed media. 8x8x11" (20x20x28 cm)

Wild Thing. 2021. Resin, foam, LED light, wire, metal. 8x8x11" (20x20x28 cm)

Wing. 2019. Plaster, mortar. 19x13x7" (48x33x18 cm)

Red #2. 2019. Resin, pigment, mortar. 17x6x6" (43x15x15 cm)

Red#1. 2019. Resin, pigment. 13x9x3" (33x23x8 cm)

Burnt Out. 2019. Epoxy, mixed media. 16x12x6" (40x30x15cm)

Sculptural sketches

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